HR Locker


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In the cloud, easy to use and easier to administer
HR Locker is very simple. It’s HR software for smart companies. It allows you to:
  • Slash Admin Costs

  • Empower employees

  • Become compliant

If you want a system for managing human resources that will reduce admin costs, save time, is online, easy to set up, simple to use, highly configurable and works for companies with one or many offices, then HR Locker is for you:

  • Time Off : Streamline your annual leave and absence management.
  • Performance Management : Track your employees performance and automate your performance review times.
  • Employee Self Service: Empower your employees to up date their own records which creates your directory.
  • HR Documents: Upload and publish all HR documents. Employees can sign them online.
  • Timesheets: Staff record their working hours and time spent on projects.
  • Manage multiple sites and jurisdictions: All from one place that’s can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Reports: Quickly generate and export key HR reports.

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