Training Brokerage

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ACIST is our training network that is specifically designed to support enterprise led training. The network currently supports over 500  companies from all sectors by helping them address and support their training needs.

Customised Training: Become more competitive through the development and training.

Subsidised Training: Under the current model our services can offer up to 20% savings on the cost of training.

Certified Training: Skills ACIST Ltd is a registered FETAC centre and can provide certified training to our members.

Convenient, Flexible and Practical training: All our training is driven by our member companies’ needs.

We deliver and develop a range of training courses that are relevant to companies in today’s challenging environment such as People Management; Planning & Strategy; Management Development; Communication Skills; Sales & Marketing; Finance; Technical Skills; Health & Safety and Information Technology.  Courses can be delivered off the shelf to companies or customised specifically for your business needs.

Our training brokerage service was established in 2005  with the aid of  entrepreneurs who were eager to get the best training for the best price delivered by people who “had been there and done that” rather than courses delivered by professional trainers who were just teachers and you know what they say about teachers? –  “Those who can do, those who can’t teach” – from George Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman

At the end of the programme it was clear that there was a need to seek and deliver customised training and develop networking opportunities for progressive companies and their employees so there ACIST was born.

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